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The fully automatic – copyrighted – patented utility model drying system enables a continual, consistent drying cycle of grain and woodchips. The preferred degree of aridity can be specified.

The goods that are to be dried are brought into the silo by means of a conveyor belt. On a perforated double floor, with forced ventilation and by using the principle of countervailing influence, hot air continually flows through it.

Depending on the set degree of aridity, the fully automated regulation takes different determining factors into consideration, such as:

  • starting moisture
  • piece size/grain size
  • dwell time and speed of emptying
  • relative humidity
  • bulk density and height of bulk good
  • flow resistance
  • flow rate at exit
  • necessary hot air temperature during course of drying

All of these parameters are calculationally and empirically determined. According to the required degree of aridity and the desired final moisture content of the woodchips, the parameters are temperature-dependently regulated by means of a continual temperature – moisture – sensor and a high frequency – microwave – measurement respectively.

The constant ventilation of the silo and the warming of the drying goods promote the capillary heat conduction, which makes the water rise to the surface.

The dried bulk goods are continually moved out of the silo by means of a milling machine and moved onto a conveyor belt to be transported for further processing.

The same amount that is moved out of the SD-dryer is continually added again.