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The novel KWK-drying floor has been designed to dry digestate, wood chips, split logs, soilage, grain maize, grain, rapeseed, etc. The surface drying system has an exceptionally efficient performance and has especially short payback periods for operators of biogas plants.

The robust drying floor is made for a wheel load of up to six tons, which guarantees a simple and unproblematic loading and unloading of any number of bulk goods with large vehicles.

The surface of the KWK-drying floor is adjusted to fit the size of the biogas plant and the available low temperature heat respectively: For a KWK-drying floor in a biogas plant with an electric capacity of 500kW, heat exchanging registers with a thermal power of 450kW are chosen. The drying surface is 50m² (10mx5m) and enables a ventilation system performance of up to 40,000m³/h.

Reference KWK-drying floors can be visited. Please feel free to contact us.