„For a long time, heat was just a by-product of power generation. Meanwhile, no more modern biogas plant is built without a reasonable heat concept.”

                                                                                (Josef Pellmeyer, president of the Trade Association Biogas e. V., in Biogas Journal, issue January 2009)

A fundamental requirement for an ecological as well as an economical and a thereby successful operation of a biomass plant is a detailed heat utilisation concept.

While the generated electrical energy is normally fed into the public grid, one needs cutomised heat utilisation concepts for the heat generated through the coupling of electricity and heat (cogeneration/ CHP).

As possible alternative heat concepts, we offer you the drying of sludge, forestry of agricultural products, as well as digestates.

The customised heat utilisation concepts we have developed enable you to:

  • economically optimally dimension and use biomass plants
  • optimally utilise the available potentials
  • increase the revenue of biomass plants

During planning, it is important to already precisely and realistically identify and assess the potential of a heat concept.